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Chapter 7 Triumph or Tragedy


Grieving over the loss of a loved one can be very hard and most times unbearable—especially if the loss is a child. Oftentimes we make our loss a situation that we allow to play over and over again in our minds. We are haunted by the loss and allow dismal thoughts to attach to a series of regrets. We tell ourselves things like, “If I had only loved her or him more, this would not have happened. If I’d been around more, I could have controlled the situation.” Or, “If I would have made the right choices or decisions, she or he would still be alive and with me today.”


The truth of the matter is, good and bad things happen to everyone. Many times those occurrences have absolutely nothing to do with us or what we could have done differently to change the outcome. Knowing and believing this doesn’t take away the pain of our loss, however it can assist us in moving forward and getting past our current state of regret and hopelessness.


Chapter 8 The Unborn Loved One


Perhaps you were forced to make the decision to abort your child. This decision may have been the result of an unwanted pregnancy due to family issues or other reasons that may have been out of your control. You may have received a report from the doctor stating that the embryo growing inside you was about to die or had health complications. Unfortunately, some women have been victims of rape and became pregnant and chose to terminate the pregnancy. Whatever the reason, the pregnancy and the life of the child conceived was ended.


Many times in life we are faced with making hard decisions. The one thing you must consider is that the baby (or embryo) inside you has a soul and a spirit. Whether you gave birth to that child or not, the soul and spirit of that child was alive and the spirit is still alive with God. Just as the spirit of your saved family member is now in God’s safekeeping, so is the spirit of the child who didn’t make it full term, or was born and then died. Just as you’ve received revelation about where your saved loved ones are, you should also apply that same revelation toward the life that was once inside you.


Chapter 11 Path To Restoration


“I’m doing fine because Trezoree is in Heaven.”


As my restoration continued to take place, my spirit within began to overflow with joy. This happy spirit allowed me to move out of depression and any feelings of hopelessness about my loss. So often after a loss, many people feel obligated to sit around and mourn in their sadness. Where I was in my restoration process, my spirit spoke the exact opposite to me.


Many times after my daughter’s death people gave me looks of pity, not knowing that my restoration process was well underway. They felt sorry for me and treated me as if I would never recover from the loss of my child. Whenever asked how I was doing, I responded, “I’m doing fine because Trezoree is in Heaven.”


People did not know that I had a clear and real revelation of where my daughter went after leaving this world. I was totally restored in that area of my life. After my response, they often smiled and nodded their heads in agreement. Many times I laughed inside, feeling that they possibly thought I lost my mind. I never accepted pity from people, which could ruin what God had restored in me about daughter.


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