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About The Author

Tracey Smith seeks out the hopeless, lost, and brokenhearted to share her story of overcoming great personal loss and stepping into a new day. She is an inspirational and motivational speaker whose audiences can easily grasp for themselves the hope and grace she found in God. Tracey is zealous and eager to reach out and counsel those who may have given up on life and can’t yet see their new beginnings. She uses an honest, raw approach that immediately captures her audience’s attention.


Tracey is known for connecting and building solid relationships with men, women, and children of all ages.

Her sweet spirit and kind demeanor attract people toward her in a trusting manner, helping them overcome suffering and grief. Giving up and throwing away dreams is never an option; she is committed to establishing connections and overseeing the well-being of each hurting soul.


Tracey is a loving wife and devoted mother of two awesome sons. In her downtime she enjoys family trips, reminiscing about past blessings, and thanking God for giving her a new beginning filled with His unfailing love.



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